Saturday, August 20, 2005

AIM TOC 1.0 discontinued

Since AIM TOC 1.0 have been discontinued by AOL, the AIM plugin for miranda has stopped working. Currently there are no official released for AIM TOC 2.0 or AIM OSCAR plugins. However, there is a modified plugin by Snaphat that does TOC 2.0 login. Also ICQ Joe is working on making the ICQ Oscar plugin AIM Oscar friendly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

dbx_3x and clist_classic gets Unicode support

Thanx again to Ghazan, the current source in the CVS for dbx_3x and Classic CList has built-in support for Unicode. Don't believe me? Check out the changes here. Though there is no news for any new nightly builds (unless there were some in the forums, which I haven't checked for a while now), it would be nice once the build comes out. We all know how well requested feature this was. The question is, does this break Win9x?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The future(s) of clist_nicer

We reported some time back that Pixel has given up hope for Clist_nicer and started on a new project. Now we come back to report to you that there have been some good progress made to that and also some progress that Nightwish made on the original Clist_nicer. Nightwish has released his version as Clist_nicer+ as some of you might know.

Also as some of you might know, you can get some great info on the yet to be name new Clist plugin from pixel right here. Just check out the screen shots and say.. WHOA!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Miranda gets a Web Installer

Some of you may have noticed this already, and some of you (like me) could be just finding this out. Miranda has finally introduced a Web Installer for their release. The installer allows you to just download the plugins you want and not download the whole package and then only install the plugin you want. This not only saves the use some download time, this also helps to save some bandwidth.

I'm tested it on a Dialup connection and it was awesome. Can't wait for clist_mw and tabSRMM to make their fainal releases so that they get added into the offical Release.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Upcoming m.4.0.1 release

Even though it hasn't been all that long since the m.4 release, there has been a lot of things going on in the community. Firstly, m.4.0.1 includes a bunch of security updates, compile updates, protocol updates, etc. There are some features that you won't see in m.4.0.1, however, which includes tabbed chat dialog and improved script-enabled IRC. Those, I believe, are targetted towards m.4.1 release.

Other than the software itself, core developer Rainwater has left the team due to personal (time consuming) reasons. As we know, earlier Egodust has stepped back and taken a watcher role due to some of his personal (time consuming) reasons. Currently, we do still have all our protocol developers actively working with their designated protocols.

Ghazan has been awesome and has added optional MSN Messenger 7 protocol support. ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, and IRC has some important updates too. m.4.0.1 release is coming close, however, there have been no date set yet. Those bold enough can test the nightly builds and report problems in the user forums.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Crashes on ICQ login?

In Miranda 0.4 release, the ICQ plugin had a bug that has been exposed due to changes made to the AOL server. This bug can cause your Miranda to crash during the ICQ login procedure. Fortunately, the ICQ dev is already on top of things and have already posted a fix for the plugin.

In case you can seeing erratic crashes at login, try one of the post April 20th testing builds. If you don't want to deal with alpha version of Miranda, it is suggested you wait for the release.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Clist_nicer leak update

Recently, Ghazan has been on a memory/resource leak prowl and found a handful of memory leaks that have been fixed for a release. Some of the leaks however was found in our ol' faithful Clist_classic. Since Clist_nicer is based on the classic one, these leaks were present in the (previousl) latest build of the plugin.

Pixel, the original dev for the plugin, have stopped maintaining the plugin and started work on a new plugin under the working title Clist_modern. Since the CVS version was not patched, Nightwish, your favourite TabSRMM dev, have kindly patched Clist_nicer with these leak fixes.

You can get the updated version from here. However, it will still report as version